Magical BS Productions is an indie podcast network that strives to be a safe place for folx of all walks to enjoy fun shows. It is our mission to include everyone regardless of their identity and ensure that everyone who wants to be a part of the greater podcasting community is able to do so.

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The Totally Normal Diner is an urban fantasy audio drama following the employees at your every day, normal diner.  But even with extra hands and the ability to fly, working at a restaurant can be a hectic and chaotic place.

Word Wonk Pod

Word Wonk Pod is a multi-genre storytelling podcast sharing short pieces of prose, poetry, and everything in between!  Any fan of the written word will love joining Cheyenne as she tells us why she loves each piece and introduces us to it’s creators.  With each episode under 15 minutes, listeners will get a bite-sized dose of literary fangirling and be introduced to new creators to love and support.

Word Wonk Pod is currently on hiatus.