The Totally Normal Diner Crew

Cheyenne Bramwell

Cheyenne Bramwell (they/she) is the Head Writer for The Totally Normal Diner.  They corral our sensitivity readers and  is in charge of take selection and social media.

Sousa Kalliovski (it/they/ta) is the Executive Producer, Sound Designer and Audio Editor for The Totally Normal Diner.  They are also a co-writer and script editor.

Sousa Kalliovski
Caroline Mincks

Caroline (they/them) is a voice actor and AD creator known for shows like Seen and Not Heard, Light Hearts, Hughes and Minncks: Ghost Detectivs, SHIFTS, Hubris: A 24 Hour Podcast Project, and Surreal Love.  They can also be heard on This Planet Needs a Name, Great & Terrible, The Reignition Theory, Desperado and many more!  They were a sensitivity consultant for this project.

Andrew Sianez-De La O (he/they) is a Mexican-American playwright and audio drama writer from the U.S. Borderlands. His stage work, which often centers his borderland culture and heritage, has been developed across the country. He is also an organizing member of the WGA Audio Alliance, working towards an equitable future for audio drama writers. His audio work includes being a scriptwriter for TimestormSomeone Dies In This ElevatorSidequesting, and more! Keep an eye out for his upcoming collaboration with Stormfire Productions, an audio series adaptation of his young adult fantasy play, The Ortiz Twins Are Coming Home.

He was a sensitivity consultant for this project.



Fabby is a Mexican American trans girl who works as a writer and sensitivity consultant, you can find her at @fabby_garza on Twitter.  She was a sensitivity consultant for this project.

David Devereux is a writer, musician, sound designer and audio producer based in Glasgow. Originally starting out as a bass player, they moved on to music and sound design for short film, before moving into the (somewhat warmer) world of audio fiction. They currently produce audio fiction podcasts as Tin Can Audio (The Tower, Folxlore, Middle:Below) and have previously worked as an audio editor for Rusty Quill (Stellar Firma) and as a director with BBC Sounds (Murmurs). When not making strange noises (or reading very long and very old books), they spend their time trying to write things, reading through a mountain of books while simultaneously buying more, occasionally performing, and occasionally sleeping.